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Farmgirl Pickings...

Welcome to

...where you take a step back in time and onto the farm, just by stepping in the door.
Inspired by the farming/ranching way of life and a time when living was more simple, our unique, vintage style boutique offers you the opportunity to bring home treasures, reminiscent of the country and farmhouse life, you love. 
From rustic to modern, we understand your style. 
Our store is filled with charming home décor, comfy, casual, women's clothing and accessories, inspirational items and unique gift ideas.  
Additionally, you will want to be sure and check out our fun and easy craft workshops, hosted in store or at your location.  They are perfect for private group and team building event or unique family or work party fun.
We are excited to bring this bit of rustic, country shopping to you and to help you create some looks of your own, through our classes and workshops.


Rowdy says, "Howdy!" 

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