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How it began

Cindy Reed began Farmgirl Pickings as a small vendor in an antique mall, back in 2015.

Her venture has evolved over the years into a eclectic retail boutique, located on Main Street in Union Gap, in front of the Valley Mall.   

The store features, home décor, clothing, inspirational items and unique gifts, along with fun and creative workshops, all inspired by the pioneering and farming way of life.

Born in Naches Heights and raised in the orcharding, ranching and farming life, any day might see Cindy, herding cows, running a swather or doctoring a colt, as easily as it might see her hosting a garden brunch with personally baked quiches, sugar crusted scones and big glasses of sweet sun tea. 

This deep love of country life and living, along with a wish to share that love with others, is evident in every nook, cranny and corner of Cindy's traditional and refreshingly primitive boutique. 

We invite you to come in and experience her vision.

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