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Savage Mustard chili pepper, Del-ish Deli, Sassy Sweet
Copper Mug, Mule Mug
Creekside Marshmallows

*Rustic *Country *Delish

You just simply cannot have a boutique, inspired by country living and farm life, without devoting a good portion of it, to the heart of the home...

the kitchen.

Whether you want to set a country garden table, roll out beautifully stamped cookie dough or display tea towels that evoke the charm and tradition you love, we've got you covered.

And while you're setting that table, don't forget the yum.  We've got you covered there too, with Savage Mustards, Grannie Annie, syrups and jellies, Creekside homemade marshmallows and so much more.

Country style recipe book, wash rags and thick crocheted pot holder
Grannie Annie Syrups
wooden rolling pin cookie stamp and rustic kitchen towels
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